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Fitness tracker for women: These are the most beautiful and best trackers

Fitness tracker for women These are the most beautiful and best trackers

Fitness trackers are a trend from the US, which has now established itself firmly with us. We show you which models have the best features and also make a good figure on the lady’s wrist

No matter which wrist you see, almost everyone owns this handy gadget. Unfortunately, there are not only beautiful models and who likes to carry a neon-colored plastic part outside of the gym or the jogging route? So that even fashion-conscious ladies do not have to do without the practical Activity Tracker, we have chosen the trendiest models with great love for you.

Samsung Charm - Fitness tracker for women

Samsung Charm

What looks like an engagement ring is actually a stylish fitness bracelet. The Samsung Charm Activity Tracker convinces above all with its noble and minimalist design. It will give you LED alerts and keep you up to date on your calls, messages and app notifications. In addition, your steps, calories burned and the distance you run are tracked. You can understand everything about your Smart Charm Manager: Here you will see the battery status of your bracelet and you can make various settings. You can use the fitness tracker for up to twelve days, then it has to be loaded. Stylish and sporty – we like!

Polar Loop Activity Tracker - Fitness tracker for women

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Those who prefer the sportier look will be a fan of the Polar Loop Activity Tracker. Since it is kept in a handy small watch format, it does not disturb the wrist and can be worn in any situation. With the functions, absolutely nothing to be desired: This activity tracker combines many functions. It is a step, calorie counter, training computer and heart rate monitor in one. You will never again be motivated and have full feedback on your daily, weekly or even monthly activities. The bracelet is supported by the Polar Flow app, which keeps track of your activity, calories burned, steps taken, and time of day. The battery lasts for five days in continuous use before you need to charge the tracker. As a special extra, the Polar Loop Activity Tracker is also splash-proof. So nothing is left to chance!

Fossil Q Ladies Hybrid Smartwatch - Fitness tracker for women

Fossil Q Ladies Hybrid Smartwatch

The typical fitness trackers are rarely suitable for business looks or elegant outfits. But here comes the salvation! The Fossil Q Ladies Hybrid Smartwatch combines the functions of a fine wristwatch with those of a fitness tracker. The round stainless steel case has a diameter of 40 mm and is available in different metal tones. From silver over rose gold you are spoiled for choice – this also applies to the bracelets, which you can change at will. The small indicator on the dial shows you the activity progress, incoming notifications, alarm, date or even a second-time zone. With the help of the Fossil Q-App, you’ll always know the steps you’ve taken, your calories burned, the distance you’ve traveled, and even track your sleep.

And now comes our personal highlight: You can decide for yourself which function you assign to which of the three buttons of your watch: No matter if music control, camera shutter release, changing the time zone and so much more – set up your clock via the app, how you like it best!

Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker - Fitness tracker for women

Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker

Fitbit fans beware: The design of the Alta Hr design is more elegant and sleeker than ever, underscoring our femininity. It will notify you with call, SMS and calendar notifications on the screen, so you’ll always be up to date. In addition, your steps, distances covered, your calorie consumption and your active minutes are tracked. An additional extra is the continuous heart rate measurement in everyday life as well as during your workout. Your sleeping rhythm is also monitored and you can then see how long you have had a light, deep or REM sleep. The battery life is seven days. The Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker is available in a variety of colors – we’ve already fallen in love with the cherry-red version!

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