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True Dark Mode in MacOS Sierra

True Dark Mode in MacOS Sierra

Apple has completely changed the way of releasing new operating system in devices. They now have a new criterion for Mac and iPhone and it is helping them to offer new features more efficiently. Now we have beta releases for MacOS Sierra as well as iOS 10 and it is giving chance to developers to know more about the functions of these platforms without any difficulty. MacOS Sierra now has added features which is making the platform different from its predecessors.

Many developers have the view that Apple is not discussing all the available features on upcoming operating systems officially at present. It is understandable because these upcoming platforms currently are in Beta phase and a lot of things are expected to be added or subtracted during the time of final release. One of such features is True Dark Mode in MacOS Sierra. Company neither said anything about it in WWDC event nor discussed the same in subsequent technical sessions. We all know that Dark modes are very popular among the masses. It is more useful than others because it has the capabilities to protect the eyes from any additional strain.

The feature is highly valuable as you can comfortably utilize the power of gadget during the evening time as well as night. You may already know that iOS 10 has the dark mode which will be available later this year. However it is vital to inform that it may not be the only operating system loaded with this feature. Apple is planning to offer enhanced dark mode features on Mac which can be activated on a number of native apps. The best thing is that the feature will be available for third-party apps also. Therefore we can say that is Apple is definitely planning to offer a true dark mode very soon.

A number of Beta versions will arrive before the final release of new MacOS. Therefore it will be exciting to see if Apple will offer the same feature during the final release or not. However one thing is certain that Apple is not dropping the idea to offer the characteristics to third-party apps also. The only thing is that company is interested to check the overall output before finalizing the feature for general users. Apple already said last month that developers should utilize native controls while dealing with Cocoa apps. Company didn’t list this feature during the event. So it is tough to say if the feature will actually be available at the time of final release.

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