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Android 9 Pie Released with New Features

Android 9 Pie Released with New Features

A few days ago we discussed with you that Google has some plans for the next version of the Android operating system. The company has finally released the next edition of the operating system and the official name of the software is Android 9 Pie. The new operating system arrived after the five editions for developers. The experts were regularly working on the operating system for many months. Now, the software has arrived to enhance the power of the gadgets. Google is saying that more than 140,000 beta testers have checked the operating system. The work has been finally completed by the experts and it will be available for all the eligible gadgets soon.

Android 9 Pie will first arrive in the Pixel models by the Google. The operating system will also be available for the first edition of Pixel devices. Therefore if you are among the one who is using the Pixel devices, then you may get the new update. There are many improvements in this operating system if you compare it with Android Oreo operating system. The most notable difference will be the availability of the gesture-based operating system. This is certainly a big improvement as the users will find the new way of utilizing this function. You may already know that we use a three-button navigation system at present. Now, it is going to be changed very soon.

The users will also receive the assistance to utilize the functions of the device. This operating system will be able to judge the way you use your smartphone. The artificial intelligence as well as machine learning program will help you to use the features quickly. You need not have to spend much time to access the features that you use regularly. There will be a new feature called WellBeing in Android 9 Pie. This feature is aimed to detoxify the digital lives of the users. Google may take some time to bring this feature to the users. Therefore you may have to wait for a few more months to use this function.

Many users may not feel the difference in the UI section but Android 9 Pie will offer you many additional updates. The new characteristics like Adaptive Battery, App Actions, and Smart Text Selections will be very handy for the users. There will be an option called ‘Smart Replies’ which will assist you to send the reply quickly. Furthermore, you will also be able to check images in message notifications.

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