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Whatsapp now permits you to Switch to Video Call from Voice Call

Whatsapp now permits you to Switch to Video Call from Voice Call

Whatsapp is still among the most popular communication platforms even after the arrival of other similar platforms. Many among us frequently utilize this platform to stay connected with our friends and family members. Now, this platform is famous among professionals also as we can share different types of files through it. Whatsapp knows it very well that they have to bring the new updates frequently to stay on the top. It is the reason that we are regularly getting the kinds of updates which are making this platform highly supportive. Now, this platform has arrived with another new update which can be beneficial for many users.

The users can now switch to video calls from voice calls and vice-versa. The platform has started offering this new update. The platform may not take much time to offer this update to all the eligible users. If the internet speed is good then many times users like to use video calling facility. Now you can directly switch to video call during the conversation. It is undoubtedly a good feature. However, the other user has to approve this request before you switch to video call. If the request is approved by the other user then you can switch without any difficulty. Whatsapp is offering this feature to Android as well as iOS users.

This is not the only update which Whatsapp has started offering to their users. They are also changing the ways through which you can interact with the group. There is going to be the option to include group description. Now, this is going to be a major update here. This description will give you the idea of the group. The option of group name as well as photo along with the description will assist the user to know more about the group. Therefore you will now easily come to know what the group is about. You can also easily check the details of group members. Therefore this segment is undoubtedly going to be more useful in future.

Whatsapp is looking to make the different segments of the platform more engaging in coming times. There is no doubt that we will see some more developments in coming times. We can clearly see that Whatsapp has taken the right step to make the group more useful. You can stay connected with your friends, family members and colleague with ease. You can search for the specific members also if you need. Whatsapp is regularly bringing new updates for you. We will inform you as soon as they take some more steps to make the platform more advantageous.

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