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Tips To Ensure & Enhance Data Recovery Rates Dramatically

Imagine this: you have deleted an important document you’ll need in the meeting held a few minutes later (or you find the needed data disappear suddenly due to unknown reasons); what will you do?

Some users may refresh the computer/removable disk, hoping that the missing file will come back automatically. However, that is not going to happen; and those people will miss the best chance to find recently deleted files by wasting time on this matter. Other would like to hire professionals to do the recovery work for them, but this could be costly and risky.

Here, we have a better suggestion –using the reliable data recovery software. We’ll recommend a popular one to you and then talks about the data recovery rates you care about.

Ensure Data Recovery Rates by Getting Professional Software

In addition to data recovery chances, you may also care about those things: how does data recovery software work, what are the data recovery process steps, etc. We plan to talk about them one by one.

Loved by lots of people, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides high-quality disk data recovery service and helps to ensure the data recovery success rate. By using it, you can regain your lost files in only three simple steps.

Data Recovery Steps

Step 1: get the free edition of recommended software to experience its performance. Run the software after proper installation (please don’t install it to the place where lost files were located) and choose an appropriate function from the main window shown below.

Tips To Ensure & Enhance Data Recovery Rates Dramatically

Undelete Recovery” and “Digital Media Recovery” can be your first choice; we’ll take the latter as an example. If you can’t find all the files you need after you have completed the following two steps, please choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” to try again.

Step 2: select the drive that contains your lost files and then click on “Full Scan” button in the lower right corner to start detecting files.

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You are allowed to click on the “Settings” button in the lower left corner to check certain file system or file types of scanning.

Step 3: when the full scan is over, please browse the scan result and check needed ones to recover by clicking on “Save” button.

Tips To Ensure & Enhance Data Recovery Rates Dramatically - IMG03

For users who want to recover more than 1 GB of data, an advanced edition of the software is needed.

Useful Tips to Improve Data Recovery Chances

You should read the following tips carefully to confirm the data recovery success rate.

Things You Should Do

Firstly, you have to stay calm when stuck in file deletion problem. Hurry and confusion may ruin everything.

Next, you must take correct actions immediately after analyzing the current situation. For example, if the deleted/lost files are saved in system partition, you’d better shut down the computer first. Next, you need to disconnect the hard disk from your computer, and then connect it to other normal computers for further use (recovering files with certain methods); if they are not in system partition, please just stop using the computer. When files are deleted/lost from a pen drive, you just need to plug it out in a proper way.

Then, back up all data or just important data in the hard disk/pen drive with lost files since no one can make sure that the recovery will not bring any damage at all. As for how to backup data safely and conveniently, we’ll give the explanation in the latter paragraphs.

At last, try to figure out a reliable way to recover deleted/lost files. The most commonly used ways are resorting to professional recovery companies and employing professional recovery software.

Things You Should Not Do

Firstly, you need to know that the real content of lost files will disappear if it is covered by new data; you are not allowed to carry out any operation in the computer, especially in the certain disk where the accident occurs. That is because this will result in secondary damage which will make deleted file recovery become an unapproachable dream forever.

Next, don’t waste time in regret. We can assure you that will not be helpful at all.

Then, you are not advised to download a free tool from the internet casually or give your device to a fallible person. Think twice before you starting to do a thing. Data security and privacy always come first whatever you do.

At last, even if you get reliable and brilliant file recovery software, you can’t install it to any place you want. Remember avoid installing the software to the drive including lost files.

Please note that anyone or any software that promise you it can recover all files you have lost one hundred percent could be unreliable. That’s all we want to talk about data recovery rates today.

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