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Whatsapp Update Adds Voicemail and Call Back Feature

Whatsapp Update Adds Voicemail and Call Back Feature

Whatsapp is frequently bringing new updates for their users. These updates have helped them to stay on the top and it is a known fact that it is the biggest messaging platform at this moment. Company is well aware of the things required to expand their base. Therefore many new characteristics of Whatsapp are helping a lot of users around the globe to utilize the features. Now there is a new update for iOS users. It will allow people to utilize voicemail and call back features. Company is looking to offer a true phone replacement to all the users. These two new features will become the step in this direction.

The feature will not only be available on iOS but it will soon be available on Android also. Users who have subscribed the Beta edition can check these two new features. You can check the new feature on version 2.16.229 on Android whereas it will be available on version 2.16.8 for iOS users. It generally happens that friends do not pick the call at times. Now you can record your message and send if your friend is not picking the call. This is certainly a nice feature and now you need not have to depend on your phone calls to stay connected with your group. Once the call is disconnected, users will see three alternatives on their screen. These are “Call Back”, “Cancel” and “Voice Message”. Simply hold down the button if you are looking to record your message. Save your message by releasing the button. Now you are easily send it once you record the message.

Whatsapp is frequently including new characteristics to their platform. They have chosen the functions carefully to make Whatsapp more functional to all the users. There will be many new things in coming times. People are saying that we will see many new fonts for iOS and Android users soon. This will assist all the users to analyze different fonts while chatting. Check FixedSys font soon. The function of this font will be very similar to Windows FixedSys font. Therefore the names and functions are going to be similar here. A few days ago we discussed how Whatsapp has planned to offer quote message feature to all the users. There is also a “secret” font. Type the symbols “` at the beginning and end of the text to see the change. We will definitely see some more changes very soon. You will get all the related information immediately as soon as Whatsapp offer new functions.

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