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Pre-order of 2016 iPhone may start from September 9th

Pre-order of 2016 iPhone may start from September 9

A few days ago we got some information that the 2016 iPhone model may be called as iPhone 6SE. However there is no concrete information about the same. Most of the market specialists do not agree with this point. Some people are also saying that Apple may bring iPhone 6SE prior to iPhone 7. Therefore market experts have currently two different views about the same. We need to confirm all these details before we start sharing all the related points with you. People close to industry are convinced that the upcoming model will be called as iPhone 7 and not iPhone6SE. Therefore at this point of time we are just considering that iPhone 7 may arrive in September. If there are any changes we will inform you on immediate basis.

Now some new reports are arriving about iPhone 7. A lot of experts are saying that the pre-order of this year’s iPhone may start from September 9th, 2016. This new gadget may hit the market on the third week of September. The exact date can be September 16th which we discussed with you a few days ago. Now it is vital to inform that this date is about the retail release. It is not the date of launch. Apple generally likes to show the gadget two days prior to the pre-order date. Therefore if we check the history then the possibility of organizing a special event on September 6th is always there. September 5th is Labour Day. Therefore the chances of organizing the event on this date are very less.

Therefore overall experts are saying that September 6th could be the launch date. Company may start taking pre-orders from September 9th and retail release can be September 16th. This year company may not bring any major design changes except removing headphone jack. We may see some changes in camera section but it will not be a major one. Optical image stabilization is expected to be improved and another model iPhone 7 Plus may have a dual-lens camera system. Antenna bands can also have a different position.

Some reports are also claiming that Apple may bring three new iPhone models this year. According these reports company may not include the dual-lens camera on iPhone 7 Plus. There can be a separate model for the same and it can be called as iPhone 7 Pro. This third model may have a dual-lens camera system. However we still have to confirm all these details. We will come back to you as soon as we get the information from our reliable sources.

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