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Mozilla Includes New Features to Firefox for iOS Users

Mozilla Includes New Features to Firefox for iOS Users

Mozilla just brought the new edition of Firefox for iOS gadget users. This new edition has a number of updates and overall it is now ready to offer a pleasurable experience to the users. Company brought this update on Tuesday and it is loaded with a lot of new features. The updated Firefox will now be valuable to manage the battery of the gadget. It will be ready to give you an excellent browsing experience without consuming a huge amount of battery power. Moreover the customisable search will offer better results and most of the people will definitely like it. You will not face any difficulty to search for a particular topic directly from the address bar. It is a major update in this segment.

There are some other updates also. Now you will be able to manage all the bookmarks with ease. The new toolbar is available to navigate different sections comfortably. Once you start using the browser you will see that it is not a tough task to move from one section to another. A lot of users like using Firefox browser. Therefore if you are a Firefox lover then you will undoubtedly like this new update. The overall appearance is very different from the previous edition.

It is not uncommon if you close all the tabs accidentally. This type of incidences happens with everyone. Now you can easily recover those tabs in your next session. Furthermore you can comfortably navigate to different tabs while using a particular website. There is also a ‘close all tabs’ option for the users. One of the best things about this section is that you can choose your favourite website without any difficulty. It is up to you if you want to make it the homepage. Now you need not have to type the web address every time you are looking to access that particular page.

This new update is going to be user-friendly for most of the people. It will utilize less RAM and it will not affect the working of processor. So now you can easily understand how useful it can be for you. We all require sufficient amount of RAM so that the gadget can work with satisfactory speed. The new 5.0 update will also assist the user to open the web page more swiftly than before. This is the second major update by Firefox within a short span of time. Recently they announced that company will start blocking some flash contents which are not relevant for the users.

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