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LG V20 to Arrive in September

LG V20 to Arrive in September

The successor of LG V10 is expected to arrive in September. The name of the gadget is LG V20 and with the help of this gadget LG will try to compete with other premium models into the market. Samsung is ready to launch their Galaxy Note 7 model next month. Therefore LG will definitely like to take a month to release their new model. It will help them to avoid an unnecessary clash. LG is definitely looking to compete with Samsung. However they are interested to create the buzz for their model only after Samsung.

It is not a long time when LG brought V10 for their customers. They brought this smartphone just 10 months ago and now they are getting ready with its successor. The task for LG will be very tough in September also because Apple is expected to launch iPhone 7 on the same month. So the chances are that Apple may steal the show at that time. LG may get a good base if they bring the model prior to these two big releases. But they have their own plans. Last year company brought the gadget in October and they faced a tough challenge by other top makers. There is no doubt that the market share of LG is not posing any challenge to Samsung. The reason is very clear that LG didn’t work exactly according to the current market condition. This didn’t help the company to make a strong customer base into the market.

Now makers have changed the plan a little. They are looking to compete directly with other top makers. LG has made some changes on their marketing plans and they are looking to improve their market situation. Currently there is no official information about the gadget. They may take a few more days to announce the details. This is going to be the second premium model by LG. A few months ago they brought LG G5. The model is good but it didn’t get the outcome as per the expectations. Now this is going to be the second premium model and they are bringing it at a time when they will face direct competition from market giants. Industry will definitely pay attention towards this gadget as soon as the makers discuss official details. So far they have not discussed anything. We will bring all the details as soon as we get information about it.

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