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Many iOS Gadgets of US and Europe Are at Risk

Many iOS Gadgets of US and Europe Are at Risk

This is the news which no iOS gadget user of US and Europe will like in any case. A lot of Apple devices in this part of the world are facing a huge risk ransom scam. Remember the cases of Australia? It was in 2014 when a number of iOS users in Australia were facing a similar scam as people were asked to pay money to avoid any trouble. Now the same is happening in US as well as Europe.

People are complaining that their gadgets are moving to lost mode. Once the gadget touches this mode, scammers are asking for money. They are unlocking the gadgets only after receiving the amount. This is an unpleasant situation for many people as they are losing their amount. Hackers are following a certain procedure to hack the device. They are looking for a compromised Apple ID and later on they are hacking the data to get the amount.

Experts have the view that the hackers are from Russia and they are randomly choosing devices to demand the money. Some reports are also talking about iCloud accounts. Many people are saying that more than 40 million clouds have been compromised with security. However this has not been confirmed by any authentic source right now. There are different ways to protect the ID. However the best way to protect the account is to utilize the facility of two-step authentication. It will help you t protect the identity and you will come to know easily if someone is trying misusing the details.

Apple is providing a special comprehensive support document which will assist you the method to protect the account. Currently the actual source of this issue is not available. However some details will soon emerge that will help to remove this issue. Make sure you protect your Apple ID with two-step authentication process. The random selection of devices for committing the crime is posing equal danger to all the devices. Make sure you are using authentic sources to use apps. Many feel tough to come out from the issue once they compromise with their Apple ID. If you are under such a situation then it is better to contact customer care of Apple. This can be the only source from where you can get the genuine solution. Moreover you should know the devices from where you access your Apple ID. Take these small steps and protect your account with ease.

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