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Apple Brings iOS9.3.2 Beta 2 with Low Power Plus Night Shift Mode

Apple Brings iOS9.3.2 Beta 2 with Low Power Plus Night Shift Mode

The fruit company recently brought IOS9.3.2 Beta 2 for developers and this edition has the facility to include night shift along with low power mode at the same time. This feature has been added once again as users can now enable it to utilize the facility. It has become very surprising because not many people expected this development. Many experts are not able to understand the benefits of the steps taken by Apple. Night Shift and Low Power mode are now working simultaneously in the new Beta edition and many are not able to understand the reason why Apple brought it once again.

Apple decided to drop this feature when they brought Ios9.3 Beta. Low power Mode is generally useful at the time of evening when the battery of the gadget reaches critical level. Moreover the availability of night mode is going to help to save the battery. The feature is available in beta version of OS but it is tough to say what company is planning to offer after some time. It is not very tough to activate these features in iOS9.3.2 Beta 2. A user can simply go to “Settings” and then Battery. Here you will have the facility to activate Low Power Mode. You can visit the “Settings” section once again to activate “Night Shift”. This section is available under “Display & Brightness”. Furthermore it can also be accessed through Control Center and Siri.

There will not be very big changes when Apple will officially launch iOS9.3.2. There will be functional improvements and bug fixes but it will be of no use if we expect Apple to bring something new here. The company will plan to bring new things through iOS9.4. It is not easy to understand why Apple didn’t bring the facility to activate Night Shift Mode and low power mode before. The feature is supportive but market is interested to check if they bring this feature during the time of release. Developers can now have the facility to activate these features simultaneously. Many people are hoping that Apple will not drop the idea to bring these two features together. You can get the required power of the battery when you need it the most. So check this feature if you are trying to save the battery but you cannot as it may cut short the power of the device.

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