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Extensify: A Unique Tweak Store for iPhone Models without Jailbreak

Extensify Tweak Store for iPhone Models without Jailbreak

There are so many people who do not go for jailbreak. Reasons are always different. Some have the fear that it may damage the gadget while others do not even know about it. There are also some people who want to go for jailbreak but without changing the originality of the device. Now these people need not have to feel ill at ease as the solution is available. There is no necessity to unshackle the gadget and still you can enjoy the power of jailbreak features.

Extensify is getting ready with the solution as they have provided some promo codes to some users few hours ago. They are planning to add some more promo codes in near future and we can consider it as a soft launch at this stage. Most probably we will see a complete launch very soon. Currently the official date of launch is not clear at present. However this launch will certainly help many iOS gadget users to enjoy the complete power of the device. The best thing is that the device can stay original and you need not have to worry about it.

This facility will allow you to tweak third-party app without any difficulty. Users need not have to go for a jailbreak to use the same. The facility will work very similar to a store of tweaks which can work like Cydia. Experts are saying that it can even work much better than any other feature available because the UI is going to be close to App Store of Apple. The installation of Extensify is going to be very simple. It can work with blazing speed and the features have the capability to enhance the power of iOS gadget frequently.

The users can access the store through tweak. This facility is certainly going to be valuable to most of the users as they can access the required data to have the supremacy of the device. Extensify is not going to tweak the apps already installed on the gadget. It will install the tweaked edition of select apps. The name is Exos. The tweaked version of app will be available through Extensify and you can have the benefit of twisted edition. So don’t you think it is going to be very functional? The users are getting the power of jailbreak without damaging the originality of the device.

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