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3D printer toothbrush – Clean your teeth in 6 seconds

3D printer toothbrush - Clean your teeth in 6 seconds

A 3D printed toothbrush that claims to clean your teeth in six seconds has been launched.

The new tailored brush design id developed by a team of dentists,engineers, computer scientists and dental prophylaxis experts for a Spain based company Blizzident. They use a mold of your teeth- for creating a custom made brush- which is made from a 3D scan of your teeth taken by your dentist.

The brush device can be placed on the surface of your teeth at a 45 degree angle. By just biting and grinding, a dense field of tailored bristles is cleaning all your teeth within 6 seconds, perfectly applying the “Modified BASS”- and “Fones-” toothbrushing-techniques, according to the manufacturer.

3D printer toothbrush - Clean your teeth Step-1

3D printer toothbrush - Clean your teeth Step-2

Each brush contains about 400 bristles which is 10 times more than an ordinary brush and it will last for at least one year.

The innovation comes at a price- first brush will cost at $299 plus cost of scan which will cost between $75 to $200. But the subsequent brushes will be cheaper, costs around $159.

“You simply bite and release quickly 10-15 times. This creates the little vibrating or jiggling upwards-downwards. By grinding, while your teeth are closed, additionally cleans the top surfaces of your molars.” Bizzident explained, how it works.

“Because you are brushing all your teeth at the same time, you are brushing extremely quickly.Just by biting a couple of times, you clean everywhere, and with perfect technique.” They added.

With Bizzidents, you can clean the tongue too at the same time of brushing the teeth.

“While brushing your teeth, your tongue is cleaned almost automatically at the same time, if you want. Because the scraper + bristles are located well above  tongue position, you can always decide by yourself, whether you want to lift/press your tongue against the scraper and bristles or not.” the company says.

Even though its makers describe it as a risk free technique, experts say more research is needed.

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