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Five Best Features of Xbox 360

Five Best Features of Xbox 360Playing games has become an integral part of the life of many youngsters, and due to this, the craze for gaming consoles has drastically increased in the people regardless of whatever age or location they belong to.

While there are a number of brands available in gaming consoles now, the xbox360 is perhaps the most popular gaming console around the world for its tremendously intuitive user interface, great features and so many third party applications and services that makes it the best choice in the segment.

The xbox360 however is popular not just amongst gaming enthusiasts, but everyone who loves music, movies, fun etc and wish to spend some relaxing time.

Amongst tons of features that it contains, following are five best features of Xbox 360 which makes it a great device and worth obtaining:

1.       So many games!

No video game console other than xbox360 can provide such a huge range of games to choose from.

With The xbox marketplace, one can buy the games of his choice from so many options available in different categories. Plus, there are tons of third party game makers who keep creating and updating their games on frequent basis making sure that you never get bored.

All that you need is to go online from your xbox360 device and choose amongst millions of choices available to you.

2.      Play, share and stream music!

white XBox 360 Console

The   xbox360 is a complete music device besides being a gaming console.

With xbox360, you can enjoy music while playing games, connect and play music directly from ipods/music players, listen thousands of internet radio stations, share your music with other xbox users and even do live streaming of music from your computer to the whole xbox360 network.

There is also an app available using which you can use your xbox360 as karaoke!

3.      Watch, share and stream videos!

Watching videos was never so easy and convenient! The xbox360 has cool features for watching videos, playing videos directly from USB devices, video camera etc, and also the unique ability to stream   live videos from youtube and dailymotion.

4.      Kindect

Black XBox 360 ConsoleA device called kinect is a motion sensor add-on for the Xbox 360 gaming console that has been made especially for the xbox360 users.

With kinect, you don’t need remote to play games or listen music. In fact, it’s a fresh and innovative way of playing. Kick, jump, roll etc, and the kinect will recognize your movements!

Health conscious folks are using kinect for exercising, doctors are using it for explaining surgeries and operations, and teachers are using it for practical explanations and a lot more. It’s your entire wish how would you like to use it innovatively for your purpose.

5.      Xbox live

Xbox live is an online service  for xbox360 that allows you to play games with friends online, download movies and videos, watch live TV channels, do social networking on facebook twitter etc, chat with friends, share photos and videos and a lot more. It just brings the whole world in one little device!

So, xbox360 is the complete package that allows you to keep relaxed, have entertainment, get social, keep updated, make fun and still keep your body fit!

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