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A quick glance at LEO master’s New LEO Privacy Guard 3.1

LEO Privacy Guard 3.1

Leomaster has dispatched the Leo Privacy Guard 3.1, another security insurance application that spotlights on securing telephones and other portable applications contained in it. The application has presented expanded insurance levels in order to coordinate the necessities of client’s prerequisites all the more proficiently. The application is accessible on both the App Store for iPhones and Google Play store for Android telephones.


All New User Interface Design and technology


The configuration of the all new LEO Privacy Guard 3.1, spotlights on utility and straightforwardness. The principle interface has tabs like Privacy Protection, App Lock, and Settings where the clients can see diverse elements and statuses. Taking a gander at the Privacy Protection tab, it takes the client a short look to see the present insurance levels and change the security controls for diverse data such as recordings, photographs, call records, and messages. This opens another way to exceptionally viable and individualized execution giving the client a consistent operation and experience.


Profoundly Innovative Protection Levels


Leomaster has presented an extremely that arranges security assurance on a few levels. These classifications are marked as: Vigilant, Dangerous, Good, Normal, and Perfect. The application additionally goes ahead to give the client different suggestions on setting the proper protection level as per the prerequisites of the client so that he/she can settle on an educated choice. These insurance levels screen intently ranges that worry the snooping of telephone records and instant messages. The application can offer a client full security keeping them sheltered and free of stresses.


Securing Videos and Photos


These days, PDAs are utilized rather than conventional cameras and video recorders, and put away can be imparted to anybody around the globe in a matter of seconds. While it is enjoyable to have entry to the most recent inclining pictures and recordings readily available, some of this substance is not intended to be imparted to other individuals. Leo Privacy Guard 3.1 makes it exceptionally basic for a client to ensure their own recordings and photographs keeping them private and secure.


The Leo Privacy Guard 3.1 additionally accompanies the capacity to screen battery level, application establishment status, and use information in order to keep a bother free relationship between a client and his/her cell phone. It additionally has different interface choices that are to a great degree very much intended for the lock screen of the telephone.

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