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Facebook application consumes more battery in iPhone (iOS 9.0.1): fix it

Unlike other application, Facebook application in iPhone drains more battery due to its tracking feature. Some website recommended to turn off tracking feature in the phone. As we followed the same tips, it doesn’t make any changes in our iPhone 6S Smartphone. On the other end, Apple enabled new feature to turn out any  background application refresh that doesn’t belong to Apple. ...

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Facebook enters into Ecommerce with its ‘Buy Now’ shopping features

Facebook turned into all in one service on the internet. It’s a vast area to spend most of the time with friends. This Christmas Rush, Facebook (FB) decided to tap into an online shopping platform. We are not talking about the Shopping ads that displayed middle of the post. The Giant social network bringing a new shopping features, in which users ...

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Facebook adds looping video features in the user profile picture

Facebook introduced 5 new things in their social network for the billions of users. Most of the people haven’t noticed these features, but it is really cool. Basically, Facebook is one kind of all in one setup for the people. It can be a part of business, advertisement, entertainment and communication. This year, we have listed some cool stuff of ...

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Facebook made a subtle but significant changes to ‘friends’ and ‘groups’ icons

Have you noticed the new icons on Facebook? It has been changed. The world’s largest social network has swapped the male and female figures in ‘friends’ and ‘groups’ icons with subtle, but significant changes. The female figure moved to the front, on the same level as the male figure, as a symbol of equality. Earlier, the female figure in the ‘friends’ icon was ...

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Facebook begins construction of the Fort Worth data center in Texas

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has announced a new data center in Fort Worth, Texas, which will be joining its other new data centers in Altoona, Prineville, Lulea and Forest City. According to the company, the Fort Worth data center will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Facebook has worked with the Alterra Power Corporation, Citigroup Energy, and Starwood Energy Group to bring ...

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