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Kickass Torrents (KAT) blocked in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox due to malware

You can’t visit any page on Kickass Torrent website, Chrome and Firefox browsers now pop-up a malware message. Google safe browsing and Mozilla security started to detect many harmful pages in Kickass page. This caution also appears, while in secure communication also (http://Kat.cr and https://Kat.cr).kickass-websites-access-blocked-due-to-harmful-program

Two decades ago, Google unlocked a safe browsing service that protects user from malware and phishing websites. Earlier, it was tracking 1 million users from harmful websites. The number increase to 6 million users, which adds 400 million in 12 months.

According to TheNextWeb, unsafe websites are listed in two different types. The site that contains malicious software and Phishing sites. Malicious websites are very dangerous, in which software track users personal information and computer data. Moreover, hackers install these kind of software on websites to track users personal information. On the other end, Phishing sites trick users to collect their personal data such as bank detail, credit card information, password etc.

Kickass torrent website warning message indicates different issue, but it seems very similar. Hackers might install software to collect personal data, which stop browsers from navigating into the homepage. It can be also in the form of advertisement or hidden code. Two years ago, Google flagged isocket advertiser that contains malware. This blocked a huge number of sites, which contains isocket advertisement. Later on, the website owner removed the advertiser and requested google to review.

“We had already removed the bad advertiser and Google about the issues,” said to MCT

Google will take the website under review and unblock within 3-4 hours. Stay connected and share your opinion in the comment section below. We look forward for more update on the issues.

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