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OnePlus 7 Pro comes with strong camera zoom

OnePlus 7 Pro comes with strong camera zoom

OnePlus 7 Pro – even before the official unveiling. In mid-May 2019, OnePlus will launch its flagship product in several locations around the world. Already now a first camera test has appeared, which certifies the device a very good zoom. At the same time the manufacturer reveals design details.

The Triple Camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro allows a triple optical zoom – this is confirmed by Wired UK, who were already able to try out the smartphone. The ability to get closer to an object is a significant advance over the zoom capabilities of its predecessor OnePlus 6T (2x zoom). “We bring a lot of clarity and density to our photos, Our pictures are much more detailed compared to our previous smartphones ” explains OnePlus Camera Director Simon Liu.

Liu said that the OnePlus 7 Pro in the field of camera with the first-class smartphones keep up – albeit, “without beating them”. According to Wired, the zoom is not comparable to five times the Huawei P30 Pro . For example, there are fewer details in the zoomed photos, fewer mid-range contrasts, and more noise. However, the triple zoom is “more accessible” – the fivefold is sometimes too much.

The OnePlus 7 Pro also has a 10x digital zoom on board. In the test video recordings with triple zoom have been stabilized to a certain degree. Overall, the zoomed videos look “pretty good”. In addition to the zoom functions, the Pro model of the OnePlus 7 should also shine with HDR – and enable significantly better pictures in low light conditions than its predecessors.

It was particularly important for Liu to develop a “simple user interface” for the user. In fact, the camera app of the OnePlus 7 Pro feels very similar in use to that of its predecessor: “plain and simple”. Also in the field of display, the smartphone can apparently keep up with the competition: The Experts of DisplayMate have already awarded a very good rating.

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