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LG G3 and LG G4 will soon receive Marshmallow (6.0) firmware update

Google partnership with two other brands to release LG Nexus 6P and Huawei 5X featuring Marshmallow operating system. The company moved on to unveil Marshmallow firmware for all former devices. Currently, it has covered 55% of Android Smartphones and the remaining devices lined up to get Marshmallow firmware update. Huawei had listed 12 former flagships in the first session to receive marshmallow firmware by the end of this month. On the other end, Samsung rolled out latest firmware updates for Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S5 and S6 edge+ devices. On the other end, some middle order devices receive Android 5.1.1 OS updates.motorola-x-pure-edition-style-turbo-droid-marshmallow-update

If you don’t receive any firmware notification until now. Don’t worry, Android Marshmallow firmware seems to be countless. Google is working on the firmware release, you will get update notification-once Unlocked.

Steps to check for the latest firmware:

  • Home screen>setting menu>about phone>check for updates

(Be calm, It takes 5-4 min to track for the latest firmware and get notified if available)

A few hours ago, LG started rolling out Marshmallow updates to two former devices (LG G3 & G4). Talking about the Marshmallow, the firmware includes features such as direct share, improvement in user interface, enhanced messaging application and battery life.

As you know, LG G4 and G3 come with three different variants. In LG G4 alone, we have F500S, F500K as well as F500L model number. On the other end, LG G3 released with F400S, F400K and F400L model number. It doesn’t matter, which model number you hold. Official website reports, Marshmallow is available for all LG G4 and LG3 Smartphones.

Apart from LG two device, there are rumors spread around LG G Flex and Flex 2 flagship will get Marshmallow in the coming days. If you are in marshmallow, share your experience with our readers in the comment section below.

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