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10.2-inch Pixel C tablet is all set to release in the holiday season

Google announced 10.2-inch convertible tablet is up ahead in the Nexus launch event, said to go with moniker Pixel C. We had been tracking some features and utilities of upcoming product that follows new Nexus Smartphones. At the event, Google revealed tablet will come out with Android marshmallow operating system and 10.2-inch in size.10.2-inch-PixelC-is-all-set-to-release-date

As we all know, the company already unlocked chromebook with Pixel moniker a few years back. It could be a a new member to the Pixel family. The Pixel C is not going to chromebook and letter ‘C’ stats convertible. As Google is the multinational Smartphone and tablet maker. The company always used to roll out devices in a manufacturing partner basis. Talking about the Google’s partnership, take a look on two new Nexus Smartphones. Google partnership with Huawei and LG brand to unveil two new Nexus in the market. But in the case of Pixel C, “Google itself takes all the control and will not go with any other partner basis,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer (Vice President of Android).

On the other end, most of the device lined up for marshmallow firmware updates. Some Smartphones that run on Android 5.0 operating system, skipped to get the latest firmware update. It seems to be 90% of Android based devices will get Android marshmallow by the end of 2016. While remaining 10% are incompatible to receive marshmallow update.

Pixel C could bring a similar taste of the predecessor Pixel family with slight change in features. As you can see in the image, the device has a sleek design and optional keyboard paired like chromebook Pixel. The outer layer featured with aluminium metal body, which protect from over thermal management. We can expect USB Type-C port for faster file transfer and charging the device. On back, a light-up bar seems to be a battery life indicator. Hopefully, Google Pixel C will unlock with a better battery capacity that can stay alive for longer hours. We don’t need to confuse, new 10.2-inch tablet sporting NVIDIA X1 processor that boosts 3GB RAM. If you are a gamer, then you need to try Pixel C with high graphic games. All features look very cool to experience high quality games. It confirmed Google’s upcoming tablet will hit the market in two different storage variant (32GB/64GB).

The price seems to be much affordable compare to other brand tablet. You can grab 32GB storage variant at $499 and pay extra $149 for optional keyboard. If you are looking for more storage memory, then it’s better to go 64GB storage variant. Like LG Rolly, detachable keyboard use Bluetooth to get connected with Pixel C. Some rumors suggest, Pixel C hit the market during the holiday season. This could be a Christmas present for all Google fans. Stay connected to get latest news update on Pixel C and don’t forget to write your opinion in the comment section below. We look forward for more updates and new devices.

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