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iOS Ad blockers can improve our webpage loading time and save more data

Apple users no need to worry about pop-up and webpage ads anymore. A week ago, the company launched iOS ad blocker application along with iOS 9 operating system. In a short period of time, due to the high number of downloads, ad blocker ranked first position in the paid category. These kind of application will save our time and money.ios-adblocker-iphone-ipad-iwatch

Webpage Advertisement disadvantages:

  • We waste most of the time in an advertisement that force us to click or navigate to the other page.
  • It really confuses user pathway by redirecting to paid webpage via advertisement.
  • Sometimes, it also overlay on the web page that hides web content and we don’t have any other option rather than clicking.

Apple’s new productivity application gained more popularity in a week after the launch. Talking about the features, we experienced improvement in web page loading time as well as small size web data after using ad blocker in iOS. Furthermore, it can also save our phone battery while browsing on the internet.

Apple launched iOS ad blocker in the month of September and working on more updates. We can expect more features in the future. When you turn on ad blocker, it helps to browse without any annoying ads and save more data.

We had gone through some major testing on iOS ad blocker application in iPad and iPhone. Our experts visited top 50 website, by enabling iOS ad blocker. In result, up to 50 % data has been saved using iOS blocker and web loaded without any distraction. Some website took a bit longer due to high volume of web data. While comparing unofficial applications, Apple’s iOS ad blocker always stand on the top. We look forward for more updates on ad blocker updates. Stay connected and don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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