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Samsung Galaxy Wearable App to be Compatible with Galaxy Watch and Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy Wearable App to be Compatible with Galaxy Watch and Android Pie

Samsung recently unveiled their new Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch through a special event. This is the first time that the company decided to change the name of their wearable gadget to show the uniformity of the portfolio. The makers now have the ‘Galaxy’ brand for their smartphone, tablets and now smartwatches. You may remember that the company was offering their wearable gadgets under the ‘Gear’ brand but now it has been changed to ‘Galaxy’ from this year. They brought the first smartwatch as Galaxy Watch and it will soon be available in various markets.

The smartwatch series has been updated by the company. Therefore it was important for them to update their app also. Samsung recently did the same and now the updated app is Galaxy Wearable for the users. They have not only changed the name but they have updated some features also. You can comfortably organize and customize your Samsung smartwatch. The latest app can handle the new Galaxy Watch as well as it is compatible with Android Pie also.

Samsung is looking to make their app more beneficial for the users. The app should be able to offer spontaneous functions and it is vital for the users that it should be easy to handle. The new watch by Apple will face the direct competition from the fourth edition of Apple Watch. You can visit the Google Play Store to update the app. This new app can also work with Gear S2 and Gear S3. You can also utilize the functions of Fit and Icon editions of Gear through this version. It is not tough to connect the device with the app. The screen will give you the option to connect the device. The app will identify the device if it is connected and powered on. Therefore you can use the new app easily on the compatible device.

The new app is beneficial to use the latest features. If you have not updated the app, then you should update it to check the characteristics. This new app can also work with Android 9 Pie without any difficulty. Some experts have tried using Essential PH-1 smartphone loaded with Android Pie and they were able to connect it Samsung Gear S3. The connection was smooth as they didn’t face any issue. Samsung may bring more updates in the future. Stay tuned to check more features.

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