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New inexpensive MacBook May Arrive in December

New inexpensive MacBook May Arrive in December

Apple is looking to make the Christmas time special for MacBook lovers. We have not seen any major update in MacBook Air series for some time. However, it may change this year as the company is planning to bring update this series at the time of Christmas celebrations. They brought the new MacBook Pro models some time ago but the MacBook Air series was not updated from some time. Therefore the company is going to update it to bring some freshness to the series. Some industry insiders are saying that Apple has recently placed an order to manufacture ‘inexpensive notebooks’ and the work may start very soon.

There are some reports which suggest that the Cupertino based company is working with Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta to decide the new ‘inexpensive notebooks’. The order may be fulfilled by the fourth quarter. Therefore the company may show the official specifications of this new machine in September or October. Some experts are also saying that Apple is looking to bring the complete new specifications this time. Therefore it is tough to comment if the company is looking to offer the new MacBook Air only or something else. There are chances that we may see a new series by Apple this year. It may be the most economical device by the company.

MacBook Air didn’t receive any new update from last three years. Therefore Apple will surely like to update it this time. However, there are chances for a new notebook also. Some industry insiders are claiming that the price of this device can be close to $999 at the time of release. These are just the new rumours. Therefore you should take it with a pinch of salt at this time. Some experts are saying that Apple may update Mac Mini, MacBook and iMac this year.

We are still waiting for the complete update related to this segment by Apple. The company updated their MacBook Pro quietly but they may not take the same route while launching the new models this time. Apple takes their own time to update their Mac series. Therefore it will be interesting to see how they going to update their series this year. The month of September and October are going to be crucial because the makers will definitely discuss something related to these gadgets. We will bring the latest updates with all the important information.

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