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Samsung decided to enter leasing program like Apple

Samsung is following Apple’s pathway in the new program. At the launch event, Apple introduced a leasing program commonly known as iPhone upgrade program. In which, consumers can order Apple Smartphone directly from Apple Store rather than other mobile carriers.Samsung-Galaxy-On-and-Samsung Galaxy-Mega-On

The best part is pricing starts from $32/month with 24 month contract. Apple aims to provide better financial program compared to other mobile carrier in the US. This week, Samsung brand has decided to launch a similar kind of leasing program on their Galaxy Smartphone. The company hasn’t revealed the scheme start-up date.

Forbes reports, the Samsung leasing scheme will begin from next month. It’s been a long time, mobile carriers continued to give financial support to own their high-end smartphones in two year contract. While talking about the mobile carrier, consumers think about AT&T and Verizon that stay always on the top. No matter, what is the price of the smartphones? We can own it by subsidizing from big mobile carriers. Now, Apple entered into leasing program and followed by Samsung brand.

In contrast, this seems to be a tic for tact against other wireless carriers in the U.S. The leasing program will upgrade expensive flagship sales into the next level. And it’s really helpful for the middle end consumers, who dreams to own expensive Smartphone. In latest leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S7 feature seems to pricey hardware.  Once this program launched, we don’t need to step back on expensive Smartphone purchases. Let us know your opinion on two year contract with wireless carriers under the comment section below.


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