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Whatsapp Finally Brings Group Audio and Video Call Features

Whatsapp Finally Brings Group Audio and Video Call Features

Whatsapp finally brought the update which many people were eagerly waiting for a long time. The most famous messaging platform will now permit you to do group video and voice calls. This new feature will soon be available to all iOS and Android users which will be highly useful to stay connected with the group members. Whatsapp was looking to bring this feature for some time as the work was going on from last October. You may already know that Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp. They announced this feature on their annual F8 developer conference organized in the month of May. The company was working to bring this feature and now this function is live.

You can chat with up to three people in a group calling feature. Therefore at a time, four people can talk which is surely a powerful method to stay connected with the people. Once you start the conversation with one person, you can add more people by tapping the ‘add participant’ button. You can find this button located at the top right corner of the screen. Whatsapp has paid attention towards the security of chats. They announced that their chat section is equally secure like the messaging service. They told that calls are encrypted end-to-end for all the users. Therefore they need not have to worry about the safety measures.

Many people may argue that Whatsapp group calling feature is not effective in comparison to other similar platforms. They may find iOS12 FaceTime more useful than the features of Whatsapp. Facebook has just taken the step to offer this feature. They will surely add more characteristics here in coming months. It will not be a big surprise for many Whatsapp users if they find additional features in this section with some new tools. Whatsapp is highly popular in the market. Therefore it is easy for you to create the group as per the requirement. It will help you to stay connected with the people using this messaging platform.

If you have not received the update, then you may receive it very soon. Whatsapp is offering this feature to all the users. Therefore you need not have to wait for long to utilize this function. The video of the chat will divide the screen to four mini-screens if there are four people in the chat room. Many users across the globe are using Whatsapp calling facility. Therefore the new group calling feature will assist them in many ways.

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