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What we know about iPhone 2018 Models So Far

What we know about iPhone 2018 Models So Far

We are regularly bringing updates related to the upcoming iPhone models. We told you that Apple was looking to bring three different iPhone models this year.  The two regular iPhone models with 5.8-inch screen-size and 6.5-inch screen-size may belong to the premium category. Now, apart from these two models, we may also see a new 6.1-inch model. A few days ago we discussed that Apple may bring the 6.1-inch model in different colours. The available options can be Black, White, Blue, Orange, and a few more colours. Therefore if you want a ‘budget iPhone model’, then the year 2018 may offer you some additional choices.

There are some leaked images which are giving a hint of two iPhone models. Some sources are giving the hint of 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch models. The leaked images of back panel suggest that 6.5-inch model can have a vertical dual camera setup while the 6.1-inch model can have the camera different from the premium iPhone models. You may not find the same camera in the 6.1-inch model. However, you may find glass on the rear side and this section may appear a little different than the current iPhone model. You may find LED flash located in between the camera set-up on the rear section of the 6.5-inch model. Therefore the vertical setup of this camera can offer you the amazing outcome.

You may not find the Touch ID and Home button in the upcoming iPhone models. There are chances that the front side of all the three models may appear identical at the time of release. Face ID is the future and Apple is looking to bring the all-screen model with the Bezel-less design. The names of these upcoming models are still not clear. Apple celebrated their tenth anniversary with iPhone X. Similarly, they brought iPhone5C designed with plastic. The extremely thin Bezels of all the iPhone models in 2018 will be the tough competitors for other brands within its category. Apple may launch the premium iPhone models in September but they may take some time to bring the 6.1-inch model. The ‘budget iPhone model’ may arrive in November.

You may find the primary camera of 19MP in all the models. The front camera can be of 12MP and the makers may add A12 Bionic chips in all the models. The premium iPhone models may support Apple pencil loaded with new features. Memory capacities may also vary as per the model. The premium model can have 4GB RAM with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities. Similarly ‘budget iPhone’ model can have 3GB RAM with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities.

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