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Apple May Not Include Headphone Jack in iPad Pro 2018 Lineup

Apple May Not Include Headphone Jack in iPad Pro 2018 Lineup

The upcoming iPad Pro 2018 lineup may have a new type of design. The leaked reports are arriving from Japan and it suggests that Apple may reduce the dimensions of both the iPad Pro models. The size of the iPad may be smaller this time and it can be disheartening for some iPad lovers. The company is looking to launch the new models of iPad by the end of this year. The upcoming iPad may appear a little different than its predecessors. We all know that these days Bezel-less display is highly popular among the masses. Therefore Apple may decide to bring similar iPad models in 2018.

Some experts close to the industry are saying that the upcoming 10.5-inch iPad Pro can have the dimensions of 247.5*178.7*6mm. The original dimensions were 250.6*174.1*6.1 mm. Therefore change is significant enough for some iPad users. Similarly 12.*-inch iPad Pro can have the dimensions of 280*215*6.4 mm. Therefore you can easily understand how different the upcoming two models will be at the time of release. This is not the first time Apple is bringing some changes in the dimensions of their gadgets. They didn’t hesitate to increase the screen size of iPhone when the makers noticed that big-screen models are getting popular. Now, they know that Bezel-less display is the latest trend of the market. Therefore they are planning to do some changes in the iPad section also.

This may not be the only major change in iPad. Some people are also saying that Apple is looking to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack also. This development may not surprise many people because the trend of using this headphone jack is diminishing swiftly. You may also utilize FaceID feature here. However, some sources are indicating that you may be able to use it only in portrait mode. It is almost certain that you will see notch display here. We already know that many makers have copied this type of display due to its popularity. Therefore Apple may not hesitate to offer the same display in iPad Pro models.

There are some reports that Apple was looking to include a new type of Smart Keyboard here. It will be interesting to see how the new smart keyboard is going to work here. There is no information about the price but most likely it will be more than the current model.

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