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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Sales May Start From August 24th

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Sales May Start From August 24th

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to arrive within the next few days. The South Korean consumer electronics giant is now working to create the curiosity around this model as they launched a new teaser for Samsung fans. The new teaser gives a clear hint that the battery will be upgraded this time to improve the experience of the users. The huge battery power is going to help the users in a big way. You can use different functions at the same time without worrying about the power of the battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in news for a long time. There are some new reports which suggest that you may not require DeX Pad this time to get the experience of desktop here. This upcoming smartphone can not only the better battery but the speed and storage capacity also. Samsung is looking to offer the kind of model which cannot be compared with any premium model. Samsung is undoubtedly the leader of the premium smartphone and they are raising the bars with this upcoming model. Some specialists are saying that this model can have 8GB of RAM and you may find 512GB of internal capacity here. This change can be huge if Samsung brings the same specifications officially. You may not find any issue while storing videos and images. Moreover, the gadget can work with blazing speed with Exynos 9810 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The availability of processor may depend on the region.

There are chances that Samsung may push Galaxy Note 9 as the gaming smartphone. The gadget will not only have the best processor but the storage capacity will also be good. The makers have also worked to keep the model safe from overheating issue. Therefore the chances are that Samsung may prefer to show this phone as the best gaming model. The new type of S-Pen in Galaxy Note 9 can be highly advantageous. It will help many professionals to manage their projects.

Some leaked images suggest that this Galaxy Note model may not appear very different from Galaxy Note 8. However, specifications will be much better this time. It will assist you to manage multi-tasking projects easily. Bixby button, 3.5mm. Audio jack and USB C-Port can be useful for most of the buyers. The fingerprint scanner can be located below the heart rate monitor and snapper. The sale of this smartphone may start on August 24th, 2018. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may appear in Black, Purple, Brown and Blue colours. The price of this model can be close to €1000 only.

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