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Google Brings Additional AI Features into G Suite

Google Brings Additional AI Features into G Suite

Nowadays AI-powered features are getting highly beneficial for the users. You can easily find gadgets utilizing the capabilities of this section. Moreover, it is giving additional power to the tools to improve the productivity of the work. Google is utilizing this tool to improve the features of G Suite. Many new records show that G Suite has now more than 4 million users. The company knows the importance of increasing the characteristics of this tool. Therefore they have announced some additional AI features which can be supportive to utilize the functions of G Suite.

Google has announced a few latest features through Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco. Google Docs will now have the power of better grammar suggestions which will be based on machine learning algorithms. The new reports say that this new tool will have the same capabilities as Google Translate. Therefore it would be able to give you the correct information which will be free from errors. We cannot depend on the standard grammar tools to identify the mistakes. Therefore Google Docs will have the additional feature through which you can write the correct sentences. Grammar Suggestions will be rolled out for the users to avoid grammatical mistakes. It will help you to identify and remove the grammatical mistakes from the documents.

There will be some new features in chat rooms in coming times which will assist you to send the reply immediately. The company is looking to add “Smart Reply” to Hangouts Chat. It will assist the user to send the reply immediately. You will find this section in G Suite within the next few weeks. You will also find “Smart Compose” section in G Suite. These two sections are going to be highly useful for the businesses. The way of doing the businesses is changing with the involvement of technology. Google is regularly updating its sections to make their platform advantageous for all the users.

These are not the only updates we are going to see this year. Google is planning to bring voice commands to Hangouts Meet hardware customers by the end of 2018. These voice commands can be handy to manage different functions. G Suite got close to 300 new features in the past year. You can easily check a number of big businesses using this tool to manage this work. Google is looking to make this program more effective by adding new tools. G Suite will have a new investigation feature which will be able to identify potential threats from emails and other documents. AI features are very important for Google. Therefore it will not be a big surprise if we see many new similar functions in future also.

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