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Apple May Not Launch 6.1-inch iPhone 2018 in Red Color

Apple May Not Launch 6.1-inch iPhone 2018 in Red Color

There were some reports at the beginning of this month that Apple was looking to launch 6.1-inch iPhone 2018 in different colours. Many sources were indicating that the Cupertino based company was looking to offer this model in Grey, Blue, Red, Gold, Orange and White colours. The month is about to end now and it seems that the plans have been changed with time. Some experts are now saying that we will see 6.1-inch iPhone 2018 in different colours but we will not get the red colour model this time.

People not only talk about the gadgets of the Apple, they also like to talk about the plans of the company. Apple is famous for changing the plan midway and it seems that they are doing the same this time also. People close to the industry are saying that 6.1-inch LCD can arrive in colours similar to the leather case series of iPhone X. You may find the 6.1-inch iPhone in different colours. Some of them can be Gold, Bright Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black, and White colours. There is no information about the red colour till date. This is not the first time Apple is planning to show the model in different colours. If you are a true iPhone fan, then you may not have forgotten iPhone 5C. There is still the mystery on the red colour model. The reports are arriving from some dependable sources. Therefore probably Apple may not bring the red colour device this year.

It can be the second time when we witness a new iPhone model in significantly different colours. iPhone 7 was also the case in this segment, but the iPhone 5C was the first model where we saw different types of colours.  You may still remember that the price of the iPhone 5C was less in comparison to other iPhone models. The upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone 2018 may not be expensive like the regular iPhone models. Therefore we may see this smartphone in various colours. The expected price-tag can be in between $600 to $700 for this model. Apple may also bring 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone models in 2018 with a new processor. These models can have OLED panels and the starting price can be close to $900. Apple is looking to show all the models with an edge-to-edge display and TrueDepth cameras. Some unconfirmed sources are also talking about a new type of design that can have a mixture of metal and glass. We will bring you more updates in the coming days as soon as we get some new reports.

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