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New Developments related to iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak

New Developments related to iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak

The jailbreak community has seen a lot in recent times. They didn’t get the new updates as per the requirement for some time and now the whole scenario is changing swiftly to the new results. We can say that the tech world becomes complicated in many ways. If we check the operating systems, then new updates by the gadget makers bring some new features. These gadget makers claim to offer new security patches to make the gadget safe. The iOS market is not the same as the market of other operating systems. Here we have different ways of utilizing the operating system. Many people go for the jailbreak to utilize the complete power of the device and this section makes the iOS gadgets unique.

If you like checking the jailbreak developments regularly, then you may already know about Electra jailbreak. This section is developing regularly and the team is working to offer new things to the user. We still have to check iOS12 as the operating system is in its pre-release era. There are reports that the jailbreak community is working to offer new functions through this operating system. We may see new things from the very first day. The related developments for the upcoming firmware can be exciting for many jailbreak users. However, the main point is still the same in current times. What about iOS11.4.1? The position has not changed for a while.

Some market experts have the view that the work is still going on for iOS 11.4.1. The jailbreak community is patiently waiting for the new release. People may still have to wait for a few more months to receive the jailbreak. It generally happens that the jailbreak of a specific operating system arrives only after the release of the new firmware. Therefore the wait can be a little longer this time.

There is no doubt that the jailbreak community was getting the solutions until iOS 11.4.1 arrived on the market. Electra Jailbreak is dependable up to iOS11.3.1. The things were looking favourable for iOS11.4 beta 3 also. However, the one step by Apple has affected the whole jailbreak community. There is no window available through which you can downgrade the firmware from iOS11.4.1. The people who have shifted to iOS11.4.1 may have to wait for many months to receive the new update from the jailbreak community. Electra team is regularly working to bring the new update. The exact time is not known but the chances are that we may get some new reports in August.

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