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Facebook Suspends One More Data Firm Due to Security Related Issues

Facebook Suspends One More Data Firm Due to Security Related Issues

Facebook is trying to avoid all the controversies related to the data security. We all know that the Cambridge Analytica scandal has proved costly for the reputation of the Facebook. Therefore the biggest social networking platform is taking all the steps to avoid any issue in future. The company got the information that the Boston-based firm, Crimson Hexagon is misusing the data-sharing policies. They also got the hint that the firm might be using the data inappropriately. Facebook took the matter seriously and now they have decided to start an investigation to check the reports.

The suspension of the data firm is temporary until the investigation is complete. The reports say that Kremlin-friendly Russian organization may have compromised with the data. Therefore the social networking platform cannot afford to ignore it. There are no reports till now that the company was using the data inappropriately. The probe is going on to check all the related reports. The company has disabled the related apps to avoid any controversy. It is not clear that how much time it may take to find the truth. However, the apps may not work until the probe is going on to verify the reports.

Facebook has stated very clearly that they do not permit developers to design surveillance tools with the assistance of Facebook and Instagram data. They further told that they will take all the necessary steps if there are violations of rules. Crimson Hexagon is not talking about this suspension clearly. However, they defended the methods of their work. Some market experts were saying that the firm had contracts to analyze public Facebook data. But there are no reports of misusing the data in any unauthorized way till now. The investigation is still on and it may take some time to find the facts.

Facebook has informed the investors in April that any data related issue will damage the reputation of the company. Therefore they are taking all the necessary steps to avoid any similar issue. They told that all the investments related to the security and safety of data may help the company to identify any similar threat if any. Facebook is checking all the reliable sources to keep the potential threat away from the users. The whole process may take some time but the outcome is certainly useful for the users. Facebook is not ready to take any chances and they are working regularly to keep the data safe.

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