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Snapchat lenses not working on my device issue: get fixed in the new update

A couple of days back, snap and conversation (Snapchat) application announced a new update for iOS and Android in an official blog. The developer also said that the new update will add two new features. We are all so excited to know- what’s new in the new update?snapchat-application-update

According to the press release, Snapchat new update included lenses and paid replays. The lenses feature seems to be quite interesting that enable users to animate or add effect in selfie mode. You don’t need to look for lenses in Snapchat. The app developer added instructions to move with two new features. Snapchat new features would be the great surprise for the Snapchatters, if it reached without any error. But unfortunately, this new update failed to grab users attention.

The updated version first hits Android and iOS official store. As soon as upgraded to the latest version, some Snapchatters lenses feature was not working. It might be some technical reason or device won’t support lenses features. Later on, the majority of Snapchatters commented same issue on the official blog.

In the latest tweets from Snapchat support, “Some Snapchatters are experiencing issues in chat. We are aware of the issue and working on a fix now!”

Later on, some users who own latest Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5S, LG G3 etc) reported on this issue. If you do have the same problem in your application, then don’t forget to comment below with your model number. Stay connected to get latest updates on Snapchat application. The developer is working on this issue and we can expect one more bug fix updates in the near future.

Updated: check out an easy way to add Snapchat lenses feature on your device-manually!



  1. Confirmed the One Plus One does work.

  2. SONY Xperia C3….not working in it…

  3. Lenses not working on LG G PRO 2

  4. Isn't working on my Samsung edge

  5. Not working on iphone 4
    i tried A few billion times
    to no avail

  6. Not working on my lg g stylo and it has 5.1.1 lollipop

  7. Not working on my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, please fix! THX 🙂

  8. Not working for Motorola moto e

  9. Not working on the Samsung Galaxy S4

  10. Not working for Sony Xperia z3v

  11. Lg volt. DOES NOT WORK. and now when o send videos it sends bit I get a did not send message even tho it goes through

  12. Not working on my Samsung galaxy a5! !

  13. Not working on Sony Experia M

  14. I have an android mini and doesn't work its an LG sooo ummm ya

  15. Wont work on Samsung galaxy s3

  16. Iphone 4: selfie lense isn't even working

  17. Can't get it on my Vodafone smart prime 6

  18. Doesn't work on my HTC desire eye!

  19. Not working on my galaxy S3 or my daughters Samsung galaxy light T399!!!

  20. Galaxy note 2 Samsung please fix soon thank you man

  21. Sony Xperia Z and I've got the update, which obviously it ain't working xD

  22. Please fix this issue asasp because I wanna do the cool effects on my selfie but is does not work on my iPod

  23. Galaxy Avant can't use the new features

  24. It doesn't work on my lg g stylo and it has the Snapchat update and also the newest android software. Please fix!

  25. It doesn't work on my Snapchat and I have a zte grand x max

  26. Not working on my iPhone 6plus

  27. Plz fix the bug i wanna do the cool selfie effect

  28. It doesn't work on my iPad or my phone I have a iPhone 4s and a iPad 1

  29. MotoX doesn't work with the new lenses.

  30. doesnt work on my iPod touch 5th gen 🙁

  31. It doesn't work on my iPod and it has the snapchat update

  32. I have an HTC M8 and it doesn't work…But I'm not sure how old that particular is. I've had my phone since last year.

  33. iPod 5 16 GB is not working with it

  34. I have a iphone 4 and the new update dosen't work at all?!

  35. It won't work on the Kyocera Hydro Wave:( Brand new phone and newest system update…

  36. Not working on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . . . I would love each to use the new features

  37. I have a Motorola 5 and it shows the tap but doesn't do anything.

  38. I have LG ultimate 2, and it's not working. It would be awesome to be able to do the same things with snapchat my friends can

  39. I have the moto x its not that old I'm pretty sure!

  40. HTC Desire 626s selfie filters do not work

  41. It doesn't work on my LG Optimus G Pro.

  42. It's not working on my LG stylo and i got it this year.

  43. I have a glaxay edge 6 and the filter zombie effect Doesn't work.. I'm upset really wanted to us it and I havw updated please fix

  44. I have a lg optimus, and its not working

  45. Zte zmax. Lense isn't even working

  46. I have a samsung s4 and the new update is not working :/ ive been in touch twice and still no answer :/

  47. There are no new lenses like that puking rainbow hearts and crying animations ive got samsung tab 3 thrn too? Isnt it unfair? Like y only iphone? Every1 cant have that stop being so selfish..about this i cant even get my brain over it u r highly dicreasing ur rates and snappers looking forward for ur result all the best and work out❤

  48. Samsung a5, don't get the option for lenses at all

  49. iPod 5, I really want the new effects and it is so unfair that the people who don't have the newer smartphones can't get them!!!

  50. Samsung galaxy grand prime: doesnt work at all

  51. Motog2 Snapchat lense is not working.

  52. I have a moto g gen 2 and I can't use the lenses at all

  53. I have Motorola Generation 2 would be amazing if selfie lenses work's looks so cool to use

  54. It doesn't seem to work on my Samsung Galaxy A3 either

  55. Please fix a problem for lenovo S850

  56. Samsung galaxy core prime
    Selfie lense is not working

  57. I have a zte grand max and I updated and nothing

  58. Huawei y550 : the selfie animation thing isn't working

  59. Sony z2, specs are great, the phones camera makes argumented reality videos and shoots 4k videos, yet its not good enough to have the snapchat lenses

  60. My note 4 won't work with the lenses

  61. Snapchat new feature doesn't work on the Samsung A3 plz help me

  62. Is there going to be a update for Samsung Galaxy avant

  63. IPod Touch 5th Gen
    Model number: ME978LL/A
    Thank you and please help.

  64. Samsung galaxy grand duos GT-i9082 new lenses not working buy buy replays are working

  65. Snapchat lenses not working on Sony Xperia?!

  66. Mines not working either! I have an iPhone

  67. Mine is not I have a iPhone 4S

  68. Qmobile noir i12 jelly bean

  69. i can't use the features, i have an ipad mini

  70. mines not working on iphone 4s.

  71. I have a Samsung galaxy avant and I cannot get the update at all.. this angers me.. please help or get it fixed.

  72. Snapchat video recording lenses not working supported!
    device: xioami mi4 (LTE)

  73. I have a Samsung Galaxy meha 5.8 no lenses, no fast and slow forwards. Android 4.2.2

  74. I dont have lenses on my iphone 5s

  75. i have ipod 5 please get it fixed!

  76. This is not working for me!! I have an iphone 5c

  77. I have a Galaxy tablet 4. I cant get the face the face
    lenses. Its no fun it makes me wanna rate the app to 0 stars! I hate it please get this fixed. Its no fair. Should be made avaliable on all apps. Aint nobody got money 4 the latest iphone.

  78. Have a Wiko Rainbow and I never have the lenses on my snapchat 🙁

  79. I have a galaxy s3 and i can't get the lens to work

  80. It either don't work on QMOBILE V5. Although my snapchat version is 9.23.01 with front camera pixel 5. And still it don't works. :3

  81. My lenses actvation and animation work fine, but when I actually take the snap, it rotates the final picture 90 degrees to the left. This does not happen to the normal picture mode, that works fine. I have an iPod 6 and can't find evedence that this is happening to anyone else. no matter how many bug reports I look through.

  82. I have Asus Zenfone 5.. all of a sudden since 2-3 days, face filters or face lenses is not working on my account whereas my other friends still have it.. 🙁

  83. My husband has a galaxy 5 and I have a galaxy 6 and the lenses effects don't work fix them please i hate seeing everyone on my snapchat effects work.

  84. why does my snapchat lenses does not work? :S i have a iphone 4, and i have an ipad :S

  85. HTC desire 626 lenses not working

  86. I have a galaxy 5 and the lenses do. NOT WORK. ON MY PHONE AND I AM SUPER ANOID!

  87. iPhone 6s Plus and it doesn't work on my either.

  88. Not working on One plus One

  89. it doesnt work.. everytime i wanna do a video with lenses.. the background is green.. fix that. Samsung galaxy core prime

  90. Does not work on my LG G3 android

  91. Did you ever figure out how to get it to work? I have the same model and it doesn't work.

  92. Julie Scherbarth nope.. I keep updating it but it won't work

  93. Ive a samsung galaxy s6 duos and my lenses are not working… how do i fix this..

  94. lenses don't work on my phone and that chat will sometimes go down my phone modle is android 4.2.2 my snapchat version is

  95. My snapchat lenses still dont work

  96. I have a galaxy note 2 and dont work!

  97. I phone 6 – does not work : (

  98. I have a 4s , and the lenses wont work for nothing in the world smh ..

  99. I cant get the update on my note 3. Has anyone got it to work?

  100. Lenses do not work on my galaxy 3

  101. I have a galaxy s3 and can't get lenes to work but my daughters have phones below mine and theirs work? Help please

  102. My snapchat lenses wont work!! On my Archos 50b Oxygen…..pls fix iiitttttttt

  103. I have ipad 3 and lense effect are not working

  104. i have the ipod 5 and i can't use any of the selfie filters except the standard ones that all devices get i feel left out seeing every one with these filters

  105. Ipod touch 5th Gen
    Model number ND720LL/A

    please help
    i have the ipod 5 and i can't use any of the selfie filters except the standard ones that all devices get i feel left out seeing every one with these filters

  106. Got a iphone 5s and latest snapchat 25.0 version, still doesn't work.

  107. My galaxy note 5 won't let me do the lenses effects either. I hate that everyone can do it and I can't

  108. I have an iPod touch 5th generation and I cannot get these lenses, all my friends have them on their phones and I'm getting left out, please help me

  109. I have Sony Xperia Z1, I just updated my OS to Lollipop and surprise, still the lense won't work. I do hope they could fix this issue ^_^

  110. Grand duos here and it isnt working

  111. I have an iPad Mini. Does the update work on the iPad Mini? I have the latest update and everything

  112. press and hold your face until u see it scan your face

  113. I have a iPod 5 and it won't work 🙁 really hoping they fix this!

  114. It won't work with the lenses I have an iPod 5th generation

  115. I have the same problem!! The lenses were the only reason I got Snapchat!

  116. i cant get the selfie filters and speed slow and reverse thngs either and i have a ipod 5 but idk if its a c or s but i need some help so yea

  117. I have samsung galaxy grand duos and I can't get selfie filters. Please help

  118. Samsung A3 the new features will not work.

  119. I cant get the lenses and animation to work on my Sony. My model number is E6553, Android version 5.0.2

  120. I cant get the lenses and animation to work on my Sony. My model number is E6553, Android version 5.0.2 my snapchat version is

  121. Sony Xperia Z2 doesnt have the filters… anyone want tohelp a girl out please?

  122. I have an android samsung galaxy S3 and I can't ge selfie features

  123. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini….. and none of the new updates work. I can only go as far as putting the location graphics in my pics. No video features either. So sad. And I love to snap 🙁

  124. Lenses don't work on my Sony experia Z2

  125. No update was available I deleted then re download the app and selfie lense won't work for my iPad mini but works fine on my HTC one

  126. I have an Alcatel one touch and the face lenses don't work on my snapchat and I've tried to uninstall snapchat then download it again , I've tried many things but nothings working :/

  127. Doesn't work on my s6 edge :/

  128. I have an iPod 5 and the lenses are not working…

  129. Galaxy Tab 4 model SM-T230NU the lenses mode doesn't even show up. I am aware that my device is older so I know it might not be added to support it.

  130. I have a note 3 and its not working

  131. Not working on iPad 2 mini

  132. I have a galxy tab 3 and the lenses dont work pls fix it

  133. Mine aren't working plz fix them my lense haven't worked at all do delete the app then put ut back on

  134. Can u fix it for the iPods to my bro was trying to do one but the filters weren't working

  135. lenses doesnt work on mine. My smartphone model is Gionee Elife S5.5

  136. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, my filters work, but my boyfriend who has the same phone, the filters won't work!? So frustrating

  137. My Snapchat update doesn't work it doesn't let me use Any of the faces, even when I'm taking a video it doesn't let me put filter on or the speed like slow/Fast …. I had this for a while since I first had this phone Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.3, I start thinking this phone isn't a appropriate for any of these things please help me

  138. I got Samsung Galaxy S4, and the lenses also does not work on mine. I really want to be able to use them please 🙂

  139. When I call or video call someone I just get a black screen. I can still hear the person tho. I have a Sony Xperia Z.

  140. I can't do that location thingy either and most of the time when I swipe to the Kilometer thing the app crashes.

  141. I have a galaxy note 3 and the lenses work however it says my device does not support video with lenses

  142. I have a S3 but my lenses aren't working This really hurts becz I feel outside…All my other friends their snapchat work absolutely fine..plz fix this plz I beg of you…

  143. I've tried everything _I updated my snapchat , and yet no lenses at all I've deleted snapchat and i downloaded it again and yet still nothing…

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