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Whatsapp to Add Two New Features Soon

Whatsapp to Add Two New Features Soon

Whatsapp team is regularly working on the platform to include new features. They have already shown many new features in 2018 but they are still doing some tests to bring additional functions. Some new reports claim that we may see two new features in the stable version of Whatsapp within next few days. The highly popular messaging and chat platform may offer ‘Mute Notifications’ as well as “Mark as Read” option in the notification section. It means that you may not have to open the message for these two functions as you can simply do it from the Android Notification panel with ease.

Whatsapp is currently offering the function in the Beta edition of Android. They are doing some tests to make the function more beneficial to all the users. The exact date of availability of these two functions is not available right now but they may soon offer it to all the users. Now you need not have to open the message if you are looking to mark the message as seen. Furthermore, you can also mute the chat anytime from the notification segment of the Android gadget. You may already know that at present you get only the ‘Reply’ option at the Android Notification Channel. However, it is going to be changed now. This notification section of Android will also give the option to mute any chat. Moreover, the additional alternative to mark the chat as read will also be there.

These two new features are going to be supportive while handling the chat sections of the platform. The “Mark as Read” section in the notification panel will not appear again if you receive another message from a different user. You will get the display of the new messages only. The sender will receive the information with “Blue Ticks” that you have read the message.

The second feature of “Mute Notifications” will be beneficial to avoid irritating messages. You need not have to check the message frequently which you do not want to see regularly. These steps are surely going to be beneficial for many users. Whatsapp has recently taken the step to curb fake news. Now, these two new features are going to make this platform more helpful. The stable release of the new Whatsapp version can have these two new features. Do not forget to update the version of Whatsapp to utilize the newest features.

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