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Google Pay to Offer Many New Features

This year Google decided to combine all the payment services and they brought Google Pay with all the features. Many services of this payment gateway are popular among the masses and now Google is taking the next step to make the platform more beneficial. They are now ready to add many new features here which will assist the users to check different functions in one place. Moreover, they would also be able to save their money if they utilize the features in the coming days. Most of the experts feel that the availability of these new features can make the platform among the top choices very soon.

Google Pay now allows you to send money to your friends and contacts. The feature is very similar to Apple Pay. Therefore now you need not have to check other functions to send the money. You can also request the money through Google Pay App which is going to be handy in different circumstances. The best thing about the new feature is that you can split the bill without any difficulty. You can include up to five people to request the money for a bill. Now you need not have to check other apps to utilize this function. Users can simply combine their Pay and Google Pay Send apps to check the features. Google announced at the beginning of 2018 that they are going to include more features on Google Pay. Now finally many new characteristics are the part of this platform which will be live very soon for all the users.

Mobile ticketing is the next feature which Google is going to offer through their Google Pay. Many iOS users are already utilizing this feature through Apple Pay. However, Google is now ready to offer the competition and users can now purchase their tickets comfortably from this platform. Here we want to inform that you may not find many companies on Google’s ticketing platform at present. However, the numbers are going to be changed very soon in future. Users may also find different types of offers and discounts which will help to save the money.

Google is looking to bring all the features of Google Pay through their desktop version also. You can visit the official version of Google Pay for the desktop to know more about it. The desktop version will bring you the features of the app. Therefore this synchronization of various functions will assist you to utilize the Google Pay platform from your mobile as well as desktop.

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