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Whatsapp Testing a New Feature to Curb Suspicious Links

Whatsapp Testing a New Feature to Curb Suspicious Links

Whatsapp is currently working on a new feature through which they would be able to curb the suspicious links in future. It is a known fact that many times suspicious links have created issues to the users. Now Whatsapp is taking this point seriously and now they are set to remove this unwanted feature soon. This testing feature is the part of the Android Beta edition 2.18.204 of the platform. If the tests become successful then it will assist to remove spam links. Moreover, it will also help Whatsapp to keep the fake news away.

You might be interested to know how the users will come to know about those links. If there is fake news or any unwanted link, users will get the warning on the screen. Facebook-owned Whatsapp is currently testing different methods to bring the feature. A few selected groups are getting the Beta update to test this upcoming feature. If you are a Beta user, you can simply visit Google Play Store to get the edition. Here we would like to clarify that only the stable version of Whatsapp remains safe. If you do not know much about Beta edition then you should wait for the stable version to start using the new feature.

Whatsapp is regularly testing important features for some time. However, this feature is undoubtedly very important for almost all the users. Many people will surely like to utilize this feature soon. There is no official date to launch this feature but we may get this feature within the next few days. It is currently not clear if Whatsapp is going to take the help of some third-party features to check the links. The platform is going to do the background check before declaring the link suspicious. If the link is not safe then the user will get the message about it. It can be the choice of the user if he still wants to go ahead with it. Whatsapp has not declared the official release date of this feature. We are still waiting for this information. This new feature is going to assist many users across the globe. People close to the industry are saying that Whatsapp may soon show this feature to all the users. So what are your views on it? Is this feature going to be useful for you in coming days? Share your thoughts with us.

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