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Need for Speed (2015) game coming to Xbox and PS4, but not for PC console

After a great success in Need for Speed game, Ghost game studio is all set to release their upcoming Need for Speed (2015) for Xbox and PS4 console by the end of 2015. Xbox and PS4 gamers are so excited about the NFS release date. The video game community, mostly known for Need for Speed game developer announced that PC console will be delayed. They don’t feel like NFS PC version is ready to launch. The developer is working hard that results racing game into a real gaming experience. Ghost Game studio employee comments on social networks, “Need for Speed (2015) are important for the fans“. The game builder’s made as much as changes in Need for Speed (2015) compared to the previous version.need-for-speed-2015-for-pc

The Ghost game studio (parent EA sports) also said that, the release date for PC version delayed until spring 2016. In the mean time, they are going to bring enhancement in visual, sound SFX, frame rate and other updates in PC version. All this improvement can be done only if the game release date delayed. In spite of unveiling PC console in non updated version, fans could wait for a few more days with more changes. It will make PC Gamers unhappy, but still fans need to suffer for most awaiting Need for Speed (2015).

According to a press release, the release date for Xbox and PS4 set on November 3. Need for Speed (2015) will meet North America and then other parts of the world by November 5, 2015. The developers also promise to bring content updates, new challenge, rewards for achievement and dedicated server to host the game. This all features will be available from the day one. We look forward for more updates and news about Ghost Game Studio.


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