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Apple’s iOS 9 Siri (voice assistant) can be trained and recognize owner voice

Finally, Apple unlocked iPhone 6S, Apple TV and iPad Pro sporting iOS 9 operating system. Hopefully, we all waiting for a firmware update for previously released Smartphone. The company released iOS 9 gold master version for developers. iOS 9 seems to be a stable version from the Apple. Lots of features are focused on the consistency of the device. At a glance, iOS 9 brings enhancement in messaging app, Android switcher, maps supports public transits and QuickType keyboard for

During the launch, the company also listed out some changes in new Siri (voice assistant). The Experts say, “Hey Siri can now recognize owner voice once it gets training”. Earlier, we used to plug in and use “Hey Siri” command to turn on voice assistant. But iPhone 6S and 6S plus new Siri is totally different that can activate anytime. The company added module to get new function in voice assistant.

In iOS 9 OS, the owners are requested to undergo voice activities before moving to Siri app. The new feature is mechanized to record own voice as Voice ID and perform tasks. The training session takes 5-10 minutes to complete and later on it can be activated by the owner only. Siri will ask you to repeat the given phrase, if it finds difficult to detect your voice.

Basically, the training session has 5 steps and you need to pass every section to complete the training activities.  In my point of view, the new feature is much useful in privacy of device. The company is working on a firmware update for previously released smartphones and tablet. We can expect new Siri features in all Apple devices by the end of October. One the other hand, have a quick look on iOS 9 (GM) firmware and installation guidelines. We look forward more updates on iOS 9 as well as Apple’s new product.

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