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Whatsapp Starts Offering Colourful Text Based Status

Whatsapp Starts Offering Colourful Text Based Status

Whatsapp has now started offering the feature which many users will certainly prefer to use. This feature is appearing very similar to a Facebook feature and it will add more freshness to the platform. You may already know that you are able to include a coloured backdrop while updating the text based status. Now the same feature can be utilized in WhatsApp. Therefore if you are looking for a change in the colour pattern then you can certainly do it.

Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp. They brought this feature on Facebook last year. Now it is very clear that the company is looking to develop WhatsApp as a social media app. They do not want to keep it as a chat app only. Therefore they are regularly bringing the types of updates which can be supportive for most of the users. Many users have received the colourful text based status but still many people have not seen it even after updating the platform. They may receive soon in coming days. This new update will be available for Android as well as iOS users. Therefore you may receive it in near future if you are still waiting for this update.

It is very easy to use this feature. If you are an iPhone user then check the new status bar. You can click the special pen icon located near to the camera icon. This icon will assist you to choose the type of colour you want and you can also choose emojis and fonts.  Users can simply click on the green arrow key for sending the status. Now if you are an Android user then check the status tab located at the bottom section. You will find the floating pen icon which can help you to update the status.

Here it is vital to discuss that WhatsApp has included this feature for Android and iOS users only. If you are on Windows platform then you will not receive this feature. WhatsApp has updated many sections to make the platform more engaging than before. You can update your WhatsApp status with videos and images also. Facebook will add more features in WhatsApp to make it a better social media app. Many experts are praising the recent developments here.  WhatsApp has started offering the feature to all the Android and iOS users. If you have not received this feature so far then you are going to receive it soon.

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