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CallPlus for iOS10 Adds more Power to the Gadget

CallPlus for iOS10 Adds more Power to the Gadget

These days we can easily find a number of tweaks which can help us to enhance the power of the gadget. However, it is vital to select the right tweak so that the data can stay safe. We cannot compromise with the quality to improve the functionalities of the device. Isn’t it? CallPlus is the type of tweak which can help you to improve the functions of the gadget without giving you any trouble. If you want to improve the functionalities then this tweak can be among the best choices. The phone app can work more efficiently and you can enjoy the complete power which can be beneficial for you.

CallPlus 10 tweak is compatible with iOS10 jailbroken devices and it can be highly supportive. These days we use a lot of functions available in iPhone. The trend is such that many people use most of the functions present in iPhone except making calls. This is one such basic feature which is slowly and steadily losing its charm. But it does not mean that this function has become the part of the history. If you are among those people who like making calls frequently then CallPlus is a jailbreak tweak which can be very useful for you. You can visit Cydia’s BigBoss Repository to check this tweak. The cost is just $1.50 but it can be handy for you at times.

The tweak will allow you to make the calls to your preferred contacts right from the app switcher. You can also make the calls through the lock screen. Therefore you need not have to visit the phone and contacts section every time. There is a speed dial alternative also. It can add a separate screen to the lock screen. Therefore most of the tasks become easier and you need not have to go anywhere. The DialLocker will be there for managing these useful functions. Moreover, the Call Protection facility will permit you to protect the phone button and you can make the call without any difficulty.

The coloured logs of CallPlus are such that you can comfortably recognize the types of calls. If it is Blue then it means that it is an outgoing call whereas Green colour specifies connected incoming calls. Red colour shows the missed calls. The various Call Options make the tweak advantageous for many users. So what do you think about this tweak? Is it valuable for you?

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