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Apple to launch 12.9-inch iPad Plus by year end, features revealed

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to launch the 12.9-inch iPad Plus by year-end in a bid to compete with Microsoft’s Surface, Android tablets and convertible laptops. Features of the iPad have been leaked and the tablet’s mould was posted last

The iPad Plus will feature a 12.9-inch screen with 2K resolution and will weigh 700gms with a thickness of 7mm. The tablet will be powered by a massive 11,000mAh battery, a significant improvement when compared to iPad Air 2’s 7,340mAh battery. According to, the tablet could feature four speakers and two charging ports for the ability to remain plugged in during portrait or landscape mode.

An image taken at Foxconn’s China manufacturing facility claimed that it would measure about 12 inches high and eight inches wide. Last week, an image leaked by Weibo showed a corner of the iPad Plus or iPad Pro. The display size will give Apple a chance to compete with Samsung’s 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro. Sources mentioned that Apple had stopped testing iPad Plus in summer, though it is set to begin mass production soon.

Apple has retained the rounded corners in its design with the button on the edges. Considering reports from French and Chines website and the grilles on the top of the shell, the tablet is expected to feature the rumored speakers. The tablet will also include the latest A9 processor that is manufactured with the latest nanotechnology. Some reports indicate the release might be between May or June.

Apple moves to include the larger screen in iPads is seen as a way of differentiating between iPhone 6 Plus and iPads and for the customers who are moving towards larger screen devices. Apple iPhone 6 Plus was a success as the company finally decided to include larger screens and is choosing the same strategy for tablets.

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