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Nokia 8 is Expected to Be the First Flagship by HMD

Nokia 8 is Expected to Be the First Flagship by HMD

It is a known fact that Nokia is getting ready to capture the market around the globe. We have discussed some models with you before. Remember Nokia 9? We told you that makers are looking to bring this model for their users soon and it can be the first flagship model by the company. It was almost certain till now that Nokia 9 was the first premium gadget. However now it seems that HMD is planning to bring some changes in this segment. There are some new related developments and it hints that another model may become the first premium gadget by HMD.

We all know that iPhone 8 is going to arrive in the last quarter of this year. Therefore to counter this move, HMD may bring a new smartphone Nokia 8. This can be the first premium model by the company. Some related images have leaked and it seems that Nokia 8 may arrive prior to Nokia 9. The bezel-less design of this smartphone can surely compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple. This model can have dual speakers located at the bottom edge and the images are looking interesting. The gadget is expected to have a special vertical camera strip. Moreover, it can also have a USB Type-C port.

There are some leaked details available for the model. Many specialists are commenting that these specifications belong to Nokia 8. This smartphone can have 2K resolutions and users may get a 6-inch display here. Internal capacity can be 128GB. There are no reports for microSD card at this time. You may utilise a 4GB or 6GB RAM here. This smartphone is expected to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Makers may add a dual-camera setup here. If reports are true then the smartphone can have a 13MP primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera here. Some people are also saying that the primary camera is going to be 23MP while the front camera is of 12MP. So it is tough to comment on it at this point of time.  The dimensions of the smartphone can be 151.55* 73.7mm.

Nokia 8 can have a 4000 mAh battery. Therefore it may be a good choice for those who are looking for a smartphone with a powerful battery. The price of this smartphone can be $469. Are you looking for a dependable premium smartphone in coming weeks? If you are, then it is better to wait for a few more days because HMD may announce something this month.

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