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Antibacterial Essential Oils for Rainy Season

Antibacterial Essential Oils for Rainy Season

Monsoon is arrived in many states of the country. Rainfall is essential for the eco system to balancing the environment. Rain brings greenery all around, trees are going green, rivers are full of water, and waterfalls are falling from mountain. Each and every surrounding becomes beautiful.

But rain water contains many bacteria and germs within it. Try to avoid drink water from out source. In this season many fungal and skin problems are seen. Some time it because of get wet in heavy rain. Another reason would be not wipe out your body properly.

Rainy season brings many fungal bacterial diseases, here some antibacterial essential oils which are helpful in rainy season and protect from bacterial problem:

1 Teatree Oil: study says that tree tea oil is best for nail fungus, which is very often in rainy season. It may help in reducing swelling of foot and also reduced bad odor of foot occurs due to dirty rain water. Tea tree oil reduced itchiness and scaling through contaminated water.

2 Oregano Oil: Oregano is a natural healing oil which heel cuts and wounds very quickly even in rainy season, which is difficult part of rain if you have some wounds and cuts on your body then it takes more time to heel in rainy season, because in this season body’s immune system becomes weak. Oregano oil helps in killing parasites and easing infection cold.

3 Thyme Oil: Thyme oil can be used as a preservative against spoilage and food borne germs. In rainy reason contaminated water and UN hygiene food are two major causes of bacteria and infection. Thyme oil is effective against bacteria such as salmonella, Enterococcus and Escherichia.

4 Cinnamon Oil: Cinnamon oil is a natural disinfectant, also used as insect repellent. Cinnamon oil few drops add in bath water can give a medicinal effect on your body. Cinnamon oil contain phenols,eugenol, cinnamic aldehyde  which acts as an mosquito and insect repellent. Both creatures are very attacking in this season.

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