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10 Points about Microsoft Hidden Keyboard

10 Points about Microsoft Hidden Keyboard

1 Tech giant Microsoft took a step ahead in keyboard column of Pc and laptops to make it easier and safer.

2 Microsoft unveiled its latest keyboard featuring fingerprint sensor.

3 The hidden finger print sensor located in between the Alt and Ctrl key.

4 This modern keyboard becomes world’s first keyboard with an invisible finger print sensor hidden in a key.

5 Keyboard is made up of aluminum frame and in destructive. It is thin and strong.

6 Keyboard allows users to work as wireless or with wired according to their needs. Moreover wireless keyboard gives convenient and hassle free workspace.

7 Keyboard is compatible with Windows 10, Android, and Mac OS.

8 major factor of this keyboard is to provide safety and security to PCs and laptops and gives freedom of remembering different password that was needed for security.

9It more often help those users who used their Pc and laptops for their professional and personal work. Its predecessor could only be used via Bluetooth.

10 Microsoft’s new keyboard will be available soon in this year and for the price of $129.99 .

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