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Whatsapp Pinned Chat Feature Now Available in Android

Whatsapp Pinned Chat Feature Now Available in Android

Whatsapp is regularly bringing new things for their users. Now the platform is ready with the new pinned chat feature for Android and you will be able to use it now. They have rolled out the feature which can help you to manage your important data with ease. Company officially rolled out the feature today and if you are using an Android gadget then you can certainly use it. Whatsapp was testing this feature from some time. A number of leaks hinted for this feature in the past. The feature was available in Beta edition but now you can visit Google Play to get the new edition of the platform.

This official update took some time. Many leaks suggest that company was testing the feature from many weeks but they were not satisfied with the results. Now the official availability of this feature is certainly going to be useful for almost all the Whatsapp users. Currently users have to scroll down regularly to search for a specific message. It is undoubtedly annoying at times. Now you need not have to do the same as you can simply pin the chat to keep it to the top. This is certainly valuable for many people as they can stay in touch with their family members and close friends.

If you are an Android user then you can pin up to three most important chats. These chats can belong to the individuals or groups. The pinned chat will stay on the top till you remove and it can make the things easy. If you are looking to pin a chat then you can simply tap it and hold the chat for some time. Now just tap the pin icon which you will find at the top of the screen. The feature will keep the vital chats separate from others which can be handy at times. Moreover unpin option is also available. Therefore it is up to you which chat you want to pin as per your requirement.

The popularity of Whatsapp is well-known to everyone. This platform got many new functions after Facebook became the official owner. We will surely see many new functions this year. Many of us have the office group or Family group which we want to keep at the beginning of the chat. This feature will assist you to stay in touch with the most important people without any difficulty. Stay tuned for more updates.

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