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Whatsapp New Feature Allows you to Pin Important Chats to the Top

Whatsapp New Feature Allows you to Pin Important Chats to the Top

Whatsapp is frequently bringing updates for their users. You might have noticed that the platform brought some useful features in recent times. They are still bringing different types of characteristics and it is helping them to keep it ahead in competition. Whatsapp is still doing different tests to make it more useful for the users. Now they are going to bring a new feature which can be beneficial for you if you are a heavy user. We can say that many users across the globe were looking for this update from some time.

We all have some undesired conversations on Whatsapp. However the chat we need is not available easily on time. It is not uncommon if you feel irritated at this situation. Now the time is arriving soon when you will not face any issue to locate a specific chat. This feature is going to be very supportive and you need not have to go to the troubles of searching the chats every time. You will be able to put the specific chats on the top by just pinning it. This function will be available to all very soon. Currently the team of Whatsapp is doing some necessary tests to make it more functional. They are trying some features to make it more helpful for all the users.

This new function is currently available in Whatsapp 2.17.162 or 2.17.163 Beta edition. The edition is permitting the users to pin specific chats.  It is very easily to utilize this function. If you are looking to pin any chat then you can simply long press that specific chat. Here you will see that the chat is pinned now and it will appear on the top section. The Beta edition is permitting to pin three chats at present. There is no specific information at present that how many chats can be pinned in the stable edition. You can also unpin the chat by simply pressing the chat for long.

If you are the Beta tester on Android then you can check this function. There are chances that it will soon be available in stable editions. Whatsapp is frequently bringing the types of functions which most of the users need in today’s time. It is the reason that other similar platforms are still working hard to match the popularity of this platform. Stay tuned to get the latest Whatsapp related updates in future.

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