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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Arrive in August

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Arrive in August

This year in January Samsung made the official statement that they are going to bring the next edition of Galaxy Note model even after the big Galaxy Note 7 debacle. It seems that company is already working in this direction as the first quarter financial report of Samsung is giving some hints about it. Some reports are giving the clue that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may arrive in the second half of this year. The financial results are appearing good for Samsung. Therefore it is almost certain that we will see the next premium model by Samsung in 2017.

Samsung will surely do something special to win the confidence of market this time. The problems related to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has damaged the image of the makers. Therefore a lot of talks were going on last year that Samsung may plan to drop the ‘Note’ brand from 2017. However it is now almost certain that there are no such plans. Company just made the official statement that a new flagship smartphone will arrive in the second half of 2017. Therefore now it will not be a surprise if it is Galaxy Note 8.It clears all the speculations and everybody is sure that it is going to be the next Note model.

Now you might be thinking about the specifications of this upcoming ‘Note’ model. Isn’t it? There are a number of theories right now which are forcing the industry experts to go cautiously this year. You may already remember that the battery of Galaxy Note 7 model gave a lot of troubles to the buyers as well as sellers. Therefore this year company is looking to make some specials plans for it. Screen-size of the gadget plays a vital part here. Makers may design the screen in a way which can be very supportive for the buyers. Some reports are indicating that the size of the screen can be equivalent to Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Therefore it can be 6.2 inches. However some specialists are claiming that Samsung may keep 6.4 inch screen-size this time.

Processor is the next vital section which you may like to test. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can have Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Furthermore you may find a dual setup of camera in the front section of Note 8. Therefore it can be very useful if love capturing your favourite moments. We will bring you the specifications soon as company brings the model into the market.

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