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Finish SD Card Data Recovery With This Amazing Tool

As far as we know, many of SD card users are used to storing important files like pictures, documents and messages to SD card and those files are frequently updated. Therefore, when you find data disappear from SD card, you’ll feel heartbreaking.

Some people will think of data backup firstly at this time. But, what if you don’t have a backup for those data? Or what if your data are not the latest version? You must rely on SD card data recovery in such case. But as an ordinary user, how to finish SD card file recovery effectively is a big problem.

SD Card Data Recovery

Taking this into consideration, we decide to provide a piece of wonderful SD card recovery software and then tell you how to recover files with it. Please read the following content carefully if you’re in need of SD card file recovery.

Start SD Card Data Recovery

Firstly, you need to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery –the recovery software with high reputation – from the reliable web page.

Secondly, install the software to internal hard drive and then connect the SD card (with lost files) to the computer correctly. After that, run the software immediately.

Thirdly, choose a proper functional module based on your actual SD card data loss case. For instance, if you need to recover data deleted from SD card, you should choose “Undelete Recovery”; if you want to recover data from formatted SD card, you should choose “Damaged Partition Recovery”. Now, we’ll focus on how to recover files deleted from SD card.

SD Data Card Recovery - Power Data Recovery

Fourthly, click on the proper module to enter and then choose your SD card from the drive list. Now, you’re supposed to click on “Full Scan” to start scanning the device thoroughly.

Note: the scan may last for a long time when the size of SD card is very large, and there’re lots of files disappear.

Fifthly, at the end of the scan, please check the files you need and press “Save” button to choose another place to store the files waiting to be recovered.

Note: please remember, you can’t choose to restore the files to original SD card since it will bring secondary damage and make data unrecoverable.

When all files are recovered to appointed place, you can go to check the recovered files and close software to end SD card file recovery.


If you find the SD card connected to the computer isn’t show up, you should firstly make it appear in Windows Disk Management.Otherwise, you are not allowed to carry out SD card data recovery with any software. If you don’t know what to do to make it appear, please read USB Flash Drive Not Recognized – Don’t Worry Too Much carefully to know the following two things:

a).9 reasons why USB flash drive is not recognized;

b). how to solve USB drive not showing up the problem so as to perform SD card recovery with the software we mentioned above.

SD Card Development

As a matter of fact, Toshiba develops SD card by integrating the hardware encryption technology into the technologies that have been already included in MMC. In theory, this encryption technology can introduce some digital rights management measures, yet this feature is rarely applied later in the practical application.

SD Card Developement

Generally speaking, SD series memory cards are sent to SD Card Association for specification certification after SanDisk finished the test. Because of that, almost all patent rights are held by SanDisk. But in 2007, SanDisk sold some of its possessions due to the NAND market turmoil, giving the outside world an illusion that it is about to disappear. At that time, SanDisk lost many of its core technologies and patents, and some of the most significant NAND factories were sold to Micron.

It did not take long for SanDisk to re-attract foreign investment and make changes. However, it has no intention to further develop flash technology and establish new plants. Instead, SanDisk started to invest and cooperate with Toshiba, making use of Toshiba’s manufacturing process and technology to produce chips. Afterward, two brands LOGO can be seen in Toshiba’s new product. SD card is no exception. SD cards of those two brands have a lot of similarities; besides, those two brands are the leading suppliers on SD card market.

SD Card

Just like other memory cards, SD card also has protection for numerous patents and trademarks, and SD association can only process the authorization. In 2013, the SD Association stated that no open-source SD drivers are allowed in the license agreement. Thus, a lot of debates about open source and free software are generated. One of the standard practices is to develop an open source shell and then develop a platform-specific closed-source SD driver as the core. But this is too different from what people expected. Another common practice is to adopt the relatively old MMC mode since all SD cards must support MMC mode according to the SD card standard.

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