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Jawbone UP3 launch delayed due to manufacturing issues

Jawbone has stated that the shipments of the latest UP3 fitness tracker will be delayed due to manufacturing issues. The company has earlier announced that the UP3 would be available from November 2014 and missed the opportunity to drive sales during the holiday season.jawbone-up3

The third-generation fitness tracker ‘Jawbone UP3‘ features heart monitoring and bio-impedance sensor for precision tracking. UP3 will include the updated firmware and new features include tracking respiratory rate and hydration rate through galvanic skin response.

Quality control issues are being blamed for the delay in shipments due to larger volumes. The company does not have issues when there are smaller shipments. In 2011, Jawbone had to recall their first-Gen UP band and offer refunds to all the customers. The company had to redesign before bringing the product back to the market. The exact date for the launch is yet to be announced. Customers can pre-order the device at the product page which mentions the shipping time as 10-11 weeks.

The UP3 is seen as a device with a competitive edge in the health market with the unique features. The delay is likely to give the time to other manufacturers to improve their fitness trackers. In a move to cool down the frustrated customers, the company offered a $40 credit or an UP Move, a basic clip-on health tracker.

Jawbone is known for its popular fitness trackers like UP24 and Jambox speakers and UP3 is not likely to disappoint. The company has missed numerous opportunities to cash in on its latest device and is focusing on sorting out the manufacturing issues soon. Fitbit and Garmin are already in the race by releasing new wearables. Google is reportedly interested in a strategic investment in the company.

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