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Samsung to Launch Jet Black Galaxy S7

Samsung to Launch Jet Black Galaxy S7

Samsung always prefer giving different options to their customers. Now a latest report claims company is planning to offer a new Jet Black variant of Galaxy S7. This will further offer another alternative to Galaxy lovers and most of the users will definitely like it. People close to the industry are claiming that Samsung is gearing up to show this new edition to counter Jet Black iPhone 7 model. This is now certainly going to be very interesting because now Samsung is competing with Apple through their ‘S’ series models. We already know what happened with Galaxy Note 7. Therefore market will surely like to see what Samsung is planning in coming times to compete with Apple.

This is not the first time Samsung is trying to copy iPhone models. They have a history behind it and they are doing the same this time also. Samsung brought Galaxy S7 nine months ago. However it didn’t discourage them to bring another edition of this model because iPhone 7 has Jet Black edition. Company suffered the loss of minimum $5.3 Billion through Note 7 fiasco and still they are getting ready to invest more in another premium segment which is ‘S’ series. It clearly shows that how much profit they have made in past 7 or 8 years. A jolt of Galaxy Note 7 story is nothing for them.

The best thing is that Galaxy users are certainly going to welcome it. They can now see their favourite Galaxy S7 model in a new avatar. Moreover it will also help them to reduce the losses. We just have a few days left to see the new edition of Galaxy S7 because makers may show the model next month. Currently Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in Onyx Black, White, Pink Gold, Silver and Gold colours. Many market analysts are saying that this upcoming model may bring good figures for the company. The reason is that the total sales of iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus is not as per the expectations.  A number of external factors have counted for it. One of them is the next edition of iPhone. We already discussed about it some days ago. There are possibilities that Apple may bring a different kind of iPhone in 2017. Therefore many people are not looking to go with iPhone 7. This point will be useful for Samsung and there are chances are that ‘Jet Black’ Galaxy S7 may become a successful model for the company.

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